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bubbe smart bottle in purple
bubbe smart bottle logo

Introducing bubbe, the world’s most advanced baby bottle.
bubbe takes the guesswork and hassle out of bottle feeding.

bubbe features:

  • keeps breast milk or formula cold for hours

  • warms to exactly 98.6°F within 2 minutes

  • warms with zero hot spots

  • battery-powered and portable

  • automatically collects feeding data

  • works with all popular nipple brands

  • easy to use and a breeze to clean

You are not alone. 92% of moms struggle with feeding.

Bottle feeding is a tedious and stressful experience whether at home, at the park, or on a flight.

bubbe revolutionizes bottle feeding in a way that alleviates parental anxiety while putting child wellness first!

bubbe smart bottle front with cap

Perfect Milk

Ready for you when you need it

bubbe will keep breast milk or formula cold for hours and, at the push of a button, warm it to 98.6°F within 2 minutes.

bubbe is portable, battery-powered, and waterproof. Its hospital-grade stainless steel interior is ideal for breast milk or formula and is super-easy to clean!

 bubbe smart bottle interior

Don't Worry

Stress Less + Connect More

bubbe's patented technology will warm your baby's milk in under 2 minutes without developing heat gradients or hot spots!


With bubbe's efficient and precise heating and sensor technology, the vital nutrients in breast milk are preserved. You've worked hard to pump that milk; let's make sure your baby gets the full benefit.

Worried about nipples? Don't be! bubbe works with all popular nipple brands.

No more hassle! bubbe knows when your baby is feeding and will automatically record all feeding data without you having to do a thing.

Mother and baby playing on the floor

Bubbe automatically collects comprehensive feeding data that it uploads wirelessly to our app viewing, analysis, communication to clinicians, and use in telehealth visits.

Data That Matters

bubbe app for bottle feeding

No more trying to remember what your baby ate 2 hours ago.

bubbe automatically uploads feeding data to the bubbe app over Bluetooth, so you don't have to do a thing. With bubbe, comprehensive feeding data is now at your fingertips!

bubbe logo

Mobile App

Access your baby's feeding data, log developmental milestones, and adjust bottle settings using the simple and intuitive bubbe app.

bubbe bottle-feeding app journal dashboard
bubbe bottle-feeding app bottle status
bubbe bottle-feeding app feeding journal
bubbe plus app logo

Enhanced App + Services

bubbe+ takes feeding support to a whole new level:

  • share feeding data directly with your baby's healthcare providers

  • receive relevant and actionable tips based on your baby's feeding patterns

  • get feeding help and advice from lactation and nutritional experts

bubbe plus app share feeding data
bubbe plus app feeding tips
bubbe plus app ask an expert
bubbe plus logo

Nutritional Concierge

Help at your fingertips.

Schedule a telehealth consultation with a lactation consultant or nutritionist with ease.  With the bubbe+ nutritional concierge service, you have access to feeding help when you need it most.

bubbe plus nutritional concierge for bottle feeding
Parents feeding baby with bubbe smart bottle

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Group B Labs founders

We get it, parenting is hard!

bubbe was inspired by the very real frustrations that founders and husband-and-wife team Illi and Olivia Eisner experienced when their children were infants. Illi—a computer engineer—and Olivia—an advanced registered nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, and board certified lactation consultant—started Group B Labs out of their own baby feeding challenges and those felt by hundreds of Olivia's patients.


With Olivia frequently pulling 24-hour shifts at the hospital delivering babies, Illi had the onerous task of bottle feeding. Turns out, warming up bottles at 3 a.m. or on the go is a totally miserable experience with spilled milk, long warming times, and imprecise temperature control, all made worse when juggling a screaming baby. 


Illi and Olivia imagined that there had to be a better way.

Experience +

By combining their unique expertise, professional insight, and shared passion for marrying healthcare, wellness, and technology in ways that elevate the caregiver experience, Illi and Olivia are the ideal team to deliver this much-needed innovation.


At the basis of their collaboration is a framework that focuses on patient wellness, intentional design, uncompromising integrity, and attention to detail. Illi’s strong background in consumer products and engineering and Olivia’s clinical expertise in maternal and infant health create a dynamic synergy for making impactful, problem-solving technologies.

Partners & Publications

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TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 200
WTIA (Washington Technology Industry Association)
Northeastern University Roux Institute

“Having children is like living in a frat house: nobody sleeps, everything's broken, and there's a lot of throwing up.”

Ray Romano

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